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Laundry Services

Lets care for your delicate outfits with the most gentle and eco-friendly materials. Be it casual or corporate wears, premium care is what we guarantee.

Dry Cleaning Services

Own a delicate garment? Lets dry clean and make them ready for you to glam up with. We care for suits, jackets, blazers, suede,beaded and complex embroidered fashion wears. Make a bold fashion statement with your clothes exquisitely dry cleaned at Five Stars Cleaners.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Run a big business? Lets take care of your office and work space. We provide Cleaning services for Government establishments,embassies,day to day office cleaning, new facility cleaning, etc.

Free pick-Up and delivery

Worried about the hustle of reaching our outlets for our services? We take that stress off you; contact us for free pick-up and delivery services. Call 07098200861 or send a message to our support mail. support@fivestarcleaners.ng.

Laundry service

We understand that each of our customers may have peculiar needs and tastes, recognizing that we pay attention to the minute details and follow up to your requests from working around allergies to alterations. We have the experience and we are dedicated to keep you looking good.

Affordable Pricing

Our customers want to look good, demand high quality service that meets a decent budget. We have been consistent in offering affordable pricing to our satisfied customers for over ten years. With our quality in hindsight, we are confident our prices are not just competitive but also unbeatable.


Your full satisfaction and peace of mind is our watchword. Every step in our customer service process we ensure that it tilts towards a pleasant experience for you; from pick-up to instruction handling to timely delivery we are always dependable, taking the hassle of organizing your laundry away from you, creating peace of mind for thousands of happy customers.


From our over ten years experience in the industry we have come to understand what quality truly is – Quality is you looking good and new, quality is you feeling and beaming confidence, quality is standing out from the crowd, quality is paying close attention to all the details on the garment, quality is defining your style in the best possible way. We are partners in quality with our customers.

Express Delivery

We are ever ready to reach out to you. Contact us(chris, make this link) for pickup and delivery at your convenience. We’ll be there!

Instant Order Update

With digital processes co-opted into our routines, tracking of your service is seamless – from invoicing, to identification and payment information we are always on hand to update you on the status of your order. Contact us (chris makethis link) via phone, email or any of our social media channels.